How scary are Bengal cats?

Bengal leopard cats, most leopard cats may be scratched by leopard cats when they are first adopted. Very vigilant, not allowed to be held or touched! Don’t even think about taking a shower.

But once the owner gets familiar with the ocelot, the cat-raising life will be very pleasant, because the ocelot is very smart and smart, and it always exudes a wild beauty in its bones. Once the owner is recognized by the ocelot, the owner will have a very good cat-raising experience. .

It takes time to gain the approval of an ocelot. It may take 3 months or even half a year to raise a wild ocelot to trust its owner. These three months, or more than half a year, are what the author calls “strength” and what we often call love and patience. If you are a more impatient or impatient person, I do not recommend you to keep an ocelot because your personality conflicts with that of an ocelot.

How scary are Bengal cats

Bengal cats are very aggressive. Once their owners do something they don’t like, they will become very aggressive and may even attack their owners. Therefore, if you want to tame a Bengal cat, the first thing you should do is to train it, otherwise it will be difficult to control the Bengal cat.

Bengal cats have a lot of energy, and raising Bengal cats needs to meet its exercise requirements. Otherwise, Bengal cats will destroy furniture and grin at their owners. Therefore, office workers or people with little time allocation are not suitable for raising Bengal cats.

Bengal cats

The Bengal cat looks very domineering. You need to be as obedient to it as possible when raising it, but do not overindulge it, otherwise it will cause its character to become more and more wild. At the same time, it is not recommended to be violent when raising Bengal cats, otherwise they will bite the owner.

Post time: Oct-27-2023