How to build a cat tree for large cats

If you have a large cat, you know that finding the right furniture for them can be a challenge. Many cat trees on the market are not designed to accommodate the size and weight of large breed cats, leaving them with limited climbing and scratching options. That’s why building a custom cat tree designed specifically for big cats is a perfect solution for you and your furry feline friend.

Cactus cat scratching post cat tree

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to build a cat tree for big cats that provides your beloved pet with the perfect combination of stability, space, and fun. So, grab your tools and let’s get started!

materials needed:
-Solid wood posts (at least 4 inches in diameter)
- Plywood or particle board for base and platform
- Sisal rope for grabbing posts
- Carpet or faux fur to cover the platform
- Screws, nails and drills

Design the perfect cat tree:
When designing a cat tree for big cats, it’s important to consider your pet’s specific needs. Big cats require more space and sturdier materials to support their weight, so be sure to choose materials that can withstand their size and activity level.

Start by sketching the design of the cat tree. Consider the height, width and overall structure that will best suit your big cat’s needs. Remember that your design should include multiple resting platforms, as well as scratching posts and possibly a safe and secure hiding place for your cat.

Building foundation and platform:
Start by building the base of your cat tree using plywood or particle board. This will provide a solid foundation for the entire structure. Cut the base to the size you want and use screws and drill bits to attach the solid wood posts to each corner, making sure they are securely attached.

Next, cut additional plywood to create a platform for the cat tree. The size and number of platforms depends on your design, but make sure they are large enough to comfortably accommodate your large cat. Use screws to secure the platform to wooden posts, and consider adding additional supports underneath to ensure they can handle the cat’s weight.

Add scratch posts and mulch:
Big cats love to scratch, so it’s important to incorporate scratching posts into your cat tree design. Wrap solid wood posts with sisal rope, securing with nails or staples along the way. This will provide your cat with a durable and attractive scratching surface, helping to keep their claws healthy and avoid their destructive behavior.

Once the scratching post is in place, cover the platform and base of the cat tree with carpet or faux fur. This will create a comfortable space for your cat to rest and play. Make sure the cap is tightly closed to prevent it from loosening during use.

Finishing touches:
As a finishing touch to your cat tree, consider adding toys or hanging items to the platform to provide entertainment for your cat. You can also provide them with a comfortable retreat where they can rest when they need a break. Creating a stimulating and comfortable environment will not only keep your cat happy, but it will also protect your furniture from their destructive behavior.

In summary, building a cat tree for big cats requires careful consideration of their size and needs. By using sturdy materials and thoughtful design, you can create a custom cat tree that provides your feline friend with the perfect combination of stability and fun. So roll up your sleeves, grab your tools, and get ready to build the perfect cat tree for your big cat!


Post time: Jan-12-2024