How to choose cat food? Cat age is important

Cats have a typical carnivore digestive system. Generally speaking, cats love to eat meat, especially lean meat from beef, poultry and fish (excluding pork). For cats, meat is not only rich in nutrients, but also very easy to digest. Therefore, when looking at cat food, you also need to pay attention to whether there is enough high-quality meat.

Cat Bed


Cats under one year old belong to the juvenile stage, which can be subdivided into two stages. The first stage is the kitten stage of 1-4 months. At this time, the kittens are in a rapid growth stage and have high requirements for protein and calcium. It should be noted that at this time, cats have small stomachs and need to eat less and more frequently.

4-12 months is the second stage of the cat’s childhood. At this time, the cat can basically eat by itself, and feeding is relatively easier. Cats grow most rapidly from April to June. The protein content in the food needs to be appropriately increased, but the amount must be controlled to prevent the cat from gaining weight. At 7-12 months, the cat’s growth tends to be stable, and the number of feedings needs to be reduced to ensure that the cat’s body is beautiful and strong.

mature stage

12-month-old cats enter the maturity stage, which is the adult cat stage. At this time, the cat’s body and digestive system have basically matured and require complete and balanced nutrition. As an owner, you should feed your cat twice a day, with a little breakfast in the morning and the main meal in the evening.

old age

Cats start to age at the age of 6, and officially enter their senior stage at the age of 10. At this time, the cat’s internal organs and fatigue begin to age, and the corresponding digestive ability also decreases. In order to digest protein and fat better, cats of this age should eat foods that are easy to digest and have high nutritional content.

Finally, we need to remind you that you need to read the cat food feeding guide when feeding your cat. Feeding your cat in the correct way will make your cat healthier. At the same time, cat food should be changed frequently to prevent cats from forming a single diet, which can easily affect the cat’s health.

Post time: Nov-10-2023