How to teach a cat to use a scratching post


To teach a cat to use a scratching post, start from a young age, especially after weaning. To teach a cat to use a scratching post, you can use catnip to wipe the post, and hang some cat’s favorite food or toys on the post; Encourage your cat to use a scratching post.

Teaching a cat to use a scratching post starts from a young age. Scratching begins around the time kittens are weaned. Start training right now. Place a kitten-sized scratching post next to where the kitten sleeps.

Older cats who love to scratch furniture can also be trained to use a scratching post, but this may take longer as you need to break bad habits they've developed. Scratching is a marking behavior, so the more cats you have, the more scratch marks you will have in your home, as everyone competes to mark their territory.

Teach cats to use cat scratching board to pay attention to the placement. The basic principle is: when the cat wants to scratch, it can start scratching on the scratching post immediately. (It is recommended to use vertical grab posts for cats)

1. Put it in multiple places in the house, where cats like to spend time.
2. Place it in areas where cats often wander, such as windowsills or balconies.
3. Cats usually like to stretch and scratch after a nap, so put one where cats like to sleep.
4. Place a scratching post near the cat's food and water bowls.

Tips for Making Cat Scratchboards Attractive

1. Rub the scratching post with catnip.
2. You can hang some toys with sound on the grab pile.
3. It is also possible to put the cat's favorite food on some types of scratching piles to encourage them to play there more.
4. Do not throw away or repair scratching posts damaged by cats. Because scratching is a marking behavior, a broken scratching post is the best evidence, and the cat will become more familiar with the scratching post. You should continually encourage your cat to scratch in the same areas.

Teaching Cats to Scratch Posts

1. Stand next to the grabbing stake with a treat in hand. Now choose a command (such as "scratch!", "catch") and call it out in a pleasant, encouraging voice, adding the cat's name. When your cat comes running, reward her with a bite.
2. Once your cat shows interest in the scratcher, slowly guide the treat towards the scratcher.
3. Put treats in a high place and repeat the order. When the cat climbs up the scratching post, the paws grab the post, and it will feel that it is quite cool to grab this thing.
4. Every time the cat climbs to the highest place, you must reward it with snacks and touch its chin to praise it!
5. With in-depth training and time, cats learn to associate commands with emotion, attention, and play.

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