I am raising a cat for the first time. Is it necessary to buy a water dispenser?

The function of the pet water dispenser is to automatically store water, so that the pet owner does not have to change the water for the pet all the time. So it depends on whether you have time to change the water of your pet frequently. If you don’t have time, you can consider buying one.

Novice cat owners don’t need to rush to buy a pet water dispenser. But if your cat particularly likes to use a pet water dispenser and likes to drink flowing water, then it is not impossible to buy one.


Let me talk about my own situation. I have a little civet cat and I didn’t buy a pet water dispenser. I have water basins in several places at home. Every morning before I go out, I will replace each basin with a clean one. of water and let it drink by itself during the day at home.

I will also often observe whether its urine or stinky smell is normal (careful friends can use the usage of cat litter to make a preliminary judgment). If it is found that the cat litter is used less, eliminate the urine in the cat litter. If it is somewhere other than the basin, I will take some measures, such as adding some water to its canned cat or adding some water to other food. Because canned cats are smelly and can attract cats to eat.

My cat is quite well-behaved and always drinks water. But my colleague’s cat is different. Every time he washes vegetables, his cat always comes over to join in the fun. Even when he eats hot pot at home, he The domestic cat also wants to have a bite. Then my colleague thought his cat bought a pet water dispenser. A few days ago, he thought it was quite novel. After playing with it like a toy for less than a week, the pet water dispenser became idle. Sometimes I really feel that cats, like people, like the new and hate the old.

It is still necessary to let the cat analyze it in detail. First of all, whether it is an automatic water dispenser or a food bowl or basin, it is necessary to change the water frequently. Cats love to drink clean water, everyone should know this.

Secondly, you need to observe the amount of water your cat drinks on a daily basis. Use a food bowl to fill the water. You can pay attention to the amount of water your cat drinks every day. The normal daily water intake for cats should be 40ml-60ml/kg (cat’s body weight). If it is enough and you are willing to change the water in the basin every 1-2 days, then there is no need to buy an automatic water dispenser.

If the water intake is not enough, you can first try to use a food bowl with a larger mouth to fill the water. Even if it is fine, it still needs to be used as a footbath. As long as it drinks enough water, it is not necessary if it is willing to drink. If that doesn’t work, then buy an automatic water dispenser. In our house, we basically change the water every 3-5 days. But it is best for the water dispenser to have a relatively large opening. I bought a small Pei in the past, but I still had blood in the urine due to insufficient drinking water. I paid more than 1,000 in the pet hospital, and I went to the pet hospital every day to drain the water, hurting people and cats. Later, I replaced it with a larger Global Light one, and the owner drank a lot more water than before. So far so good.

Therefore, when the kitten first arrives home, we still need to spend more time in the early stage to observe and guide the child’s eating, drinking and behavioral habits. If you pay attention in the early stage and get to know the little guy deeply, you will have a lot less worry in the later stage.

qute cat

We all know that the principle of a pet water dispenser is to simulate the natural flow of living water to attract cats to drink water. So the question is, do all cats really like to drink flowing water?

The answer is definitely no. In fact, when I worked in a pet store, I found that at least 1/3 of the cats didn’t care about the water dispenser.

For this kind of cat, the water dispenser is just a toy, and it often makes water all over the house. Are you saying that buying a water dispenser is not asking for trouble for yourself?

In other words, if your cat currently eats well, drinks water normally, and the cat’s cake is not too dry, then there is no need to buy an additional water dispenser.

An ordinary cat water basin is very useful. You can put a few more in different locations. Remember to change the water in them frequently.

But if your cat doesn’t like to drink clean water from the water basin, and often goes to the toilet to drink toilet water, or often drinks water from the faucet, in this case, a water dispenser becomes a necessity.

Because this type of cat really likes flowing water, buying an automatic water dispenser can significantly increase the amount of water your cat drinks.


At the same time, I would like to remind everyone that if the cat drinks very little water all the time, this problem must be taken seriously. Over time, it may cause internal heat and constipation, and in severe cases, hematuria and stones may occur.

According to the current standards of pet hospitals, the cost of treating stones is 4,000+, which really puts the cat and your wallet to the test.

For novice cat owners, there is no need to buy a pet water dispenser immediately, because it may not be suitable for your cat, and it may not be able to increase the cat’s water intake.

You can usually observe your cat’s drinking situation. If drinking water is normal, then there is no need to buy a pet water dispenser at any time.

But if your cat usually doesn’t like to drink water from the food bowl and often drinks flowing water such as toilet water and faucet water, then I highly recommend buying a pet water dispenser, which can perfectly cater to the cat owner’s habits.

Post time: Mar-27-2024