The cat walks lamely but can run and jump. What’s going on?

The cat walks lamely but can run and jump. What’s going on? Cats may have arthritis or tendon injuries, which may affect their gait and ability to move. It is recommended that you take your pet to the vet so that its problem can be diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible.

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Cats that walk lamely but can run and jump may be caused by leg trauma, muscle and ligament strain, congenital incomplete development, etc. In this case, the owner can first check the cat’s limbs to see if there is any trauma or sharp foreign objects. If so, it may be caused by trauma. The cat needs to clean and disinfect the wound in time to prevent bacteria. Infect. If no wounds are found, it is recommended that the owner take the cat to the pet hospital for examination and then provide targeted treatment.

1. Leg trauma

After a cat is injured, he or she will limp due to pain. The owner can check the cat’s legs and foot pads to see if there are puncture wounds or scratches by foreign objects. If so, the foreign objects need to be pulled out and cleaned, and then the cat’s wounds should be washed with physiological saline. Disinfect with iodophor, and finally wrap the wound with a bandage to prevent the cat from licking the wound.

2. Muscle and ligament strain

If a cat walks lamely but can run and jump after strenuous exercise, then it should be considered that the cat may have over-exercised, causing injuries to muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues. At this time, the owner needs to limit the cat’s activities. It is also recommended to keep the cat in a cage to avoid secondary damage to the ligaments caused by exercise, and then take the cat to the pet hospital for imaging examination of the injured area to confirm the degree of ligament damage. Develop an appropriate treatment plan.

3. Incomplete congenital development

If it is a folded-eared cat that is limping when walking, it may be due to illness, causing difficulty in movement due to body pain. This is a congenital genetic defect, and there is no drug that can cure it. Therefore, the owner can only give the cat some oral joint maintenance, anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs to reduce its pain and slow down the onset of disease.

Post time: Apr-12-2024