These behaviors will make the cat feel “life is worse than death”

There are more people raising cats, but not everyone knows how to raise cats, and many people still make some wrong behaviors. Especially these behaviors will make cats feel “worse than death”, and some people do them every day! Have you been tricked too?

no.1. Deliberately scare the cat
Although cats usually look aloof, they are actually very timid and can be frightened by even the slightest movement. If you often scare your cat, you will gradually lose its trust in you. In addition, it may also cause the cat to have a stress reaction and affect its personality.


Try not to scare it at all times, and don’t follow the online practice and scare it with flowers and melons.

no.2, caged cats

Some owners put their cats in cages for various reasons. They feel that the cat is breaking up the house and losing hair, so they simply choose to keep it in a cage. Keeping cats in cages for a long time will also affect the cat’s physical and mental health, causing the cat to develop skeletal diseases. Psychologically, depression can also occur.


If it is shedding, take care of the hair diligently, train the cat from an early age, and try not to keep the cat in a cage. Cats naturally love freedom.

no.3. Give the cat a bath every now and then.

Cats themselves have a certain self-cleaning ability. They spend 1/5 of their time licking their hair every day to keep it clean. Moreover, cats themselves are animals with no peculiar smell. As long as they can’t dirty themselves, they basically don’t need to clean themselves frequently. Bathing too much can also cause skin diseases and weaken the body’s immunity.


If your body is not very dirty, you can wash it once every 3-6 months.

No.4. Do not sterilize cats

Some owners think that it is better not to neuter cats, but if a cat that has not been sterilized for a long time does not get the opportunity to mate, it will be very uncomfortable, and cats that have not been sterilized will suffer from more genital diseases.


Take your cat to be neutered at an appropriate age. Before neutering, do a good physical examination.

no.5. Take the timid cat out

Not every cat is brave and adaptable. Some cats are naturally timid and have never seen much of the world. If you take them out, they will not be able to adapt and will have a stress reaction.


For timid cats, it is best not to take them out. You can use a step-by-step approach to let the cat adapt to an unfamiliar environment.

no.6. Frequently beat and scold the cat

The consequences of beating and scolding a cat frequently will not only cause the cat to be injured, but also make it mentally unhealthy, and its relationship with you will also deteriorate. Cats may also behave like running away from home.


Try not to hit the cat. When the cat makes a mistake, you can reprimand it on the spot to let it know that you are angry. You should also learn to combine rewards and punishments. When the cat performs well, you can give it a nutritious and delicious snack to strengthen its Correct behavior.

no.7. Raise cats into fat pigs

Some owners dote on their cats, feed them whatever they like, and feed them without restraint. As a result, the cats will gradually become obese. Obese cats will not only have inconvenient legs and feet, but will also cause the cat to develop obesity. Obesity diseases shorten the life of cats.


Have you fallen victim to these behaviors?

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Post time: Oct-16-2023