What kind of cat scratching post is best to buy

corrugated paper
Corrugated cat scratching boards are a common choice. They are made of the same material as commonly used express cartons and have high plasticity and low cost. This kind of cat scratching board can be designed according to the characteristics of cats who like to scratch cartons, and is often made into various shapes such as furniture and cat nests. However, its disadvantage is that it is easy to get scraps of paper from the cat’s claws and needs to be replaced frequently. In order to ensure that cats do not get confused, when choosing a scratching post, it is recommended to choose one with a different material and color from the furniture in your home to avoid confusion among cats.

Hollow Cylindrical Corrugated Cat Scratcher

Burlap cat scratching posts are a strong and durable option, perfect for cats to play with and sharpen their claws. The burlap material itself doesn’t create debris, so it’s friendlier to your cat’s paws. Compared with hemp rope, linen cloth is less likely to produce harmful gases and is more protective for cats’ health. Sisal cloth is an upgraded product of linen. It is made of sisal rope. It is not only strong and durable, but also does not affect its use even if it is scratched, and has a longer service life. However, it should be noted that if the claws become fluffy and fluffy after being scratched, the claw feel may become worse, and the cat may no longer like to use it. Overall, burlap cat scratching posts are a strong, durable, and relatively healthy option.

03Three-dimensional cat scratching board
The three-dimensional cat scratching post is a very favorite toy for cats because it not only has the function of sharpening claws, but also integrates the function of a toy and the holes that cats like, which satisfies the nature of cats to hunt for novelties and play. Compared with curved scratching posts, three-dimensional scratching posts are more popular with cats and more durable. However, its price is relatively high and it takes up more space, so it is more suitable for families with larger homes.

Flat cat scratching post
Flat cat scratching posts have gradually decreased in the market. Their design features are flat and have a flat surface with no curvature. This design makes it uncomfortable for cats to use because they like curved surfaces to lie on and scratch. In addition, flat cat scratching posts provide a relatively single form of scratching, and cats may lose interest after using them only a few times and choose other objects, such as sofas, for scratching. Therefore, from the perspective of cat comfort and usage habits, flat scratching posts are not the best choice.

05solid wood cat scratching post
Solid wood cat scratching posts are preferred by cat owners because they are durable and crumb-resistant. The cat scratching board made of this material has excellent durability and will not easily catch the cat’s nails. It has jagged carvings on the top so that the cat can sharpen its claws as much as it wants. In addition, the solid wood cat scratching board has a high-end appearance, which not only meets the cat’s claw grinding needs, but can also be used as a home decoration. However, it should be noted that solid wood products are relatively expensive and difficult to clean. If the cat is unwilling to use them, it may cause waste.

Horizontal cat scratching post
Horizontal cat scratching posts are specially designed for cats who like to sharpen their claws in a horizontal position. This type of scratching post is often favored by cats who like to scratch their claws on carpets, cushions or floors. The advantage of horizontal cat scratching posts is that they are lightweight and easy to move, but this also means they may move when your cat sharpens his claws. Therefore, it would be more ideal to choose a model that can be fixed to the ground or has some weight.


07Paper cat scratching post
Paper scratching posts are ideal for cats who prefer paper, especially those made from corrugated paper. This kind of cat scratching post is not only durable, but it can also meet the scratching needs of cats. For families with multiple cats or cats with a wide range of interests, it is recommended to have multiple types of scratching boards and scratching posts to meet their different needs. When placing it, it is best to choose a place where cats often scratch, such as next to the sofa, door or curtain, so as to attract cats to use it more effectively.

Sofa anti-scratch stickers
Sofa anti-scratch stickers are an effective way to protect your sofa from cat scratches. For cats who often scratch the sofa, using anti-scratch stickers is a compromise. Although it may affect the appearance of the sofa, it can at least protect the sofa from damage. This kind of sticker is usually made of wear-resistant material and can be attached to the surface of the sofa to effectively prevent the cat’s claws from causing damage to the sofa. Therefore, if you have a cat that often scratches the sofa, using sofa anti-scratch stickers is a practical and economical option.

09Vertical cat scratching post
Vertical scratching posts are suitable for cats who like to stand on their hind legs to sharpen their claws. The design of this cat scratching post is similar to furniture placed vertically to the ground such as sofa armrests, chair backs or curtains, so it can satisfy cats’ daily claw grinding habits. When purchasing, it is recommended to choose a vertical cat scratching post that is stable and of moderate height to ensure the safety and comfort of your cat.

A scratching post that exceeds the cat’s body length and width
It is best to choose a scratching post that exceeds the length and width of your cat. This is because cats will gradually improve their scratching skills as they sharpen their claws. If the size of the scratching post is equivalent to the length of the cat’s body, then such a scratching post will lose its meaning to the cat. In addition, unlike dogs, cats have higher requirements for toys, so choosing a larger scratching post can better meet the needs of cats.

Elite Yili Paper Seesaw Cat Scratching Board
Elite Paper Seesaw Cat Scratching Board is a high-quality product specially designed for cats. It is made of high-density corrugated paper with moderate hardness, which can effectively help cats repair their claws without scratching them. Its unique seesaw design not only satisfies the cat’s playful nature, but also allows the cat to interact with its owner. In addition, this cat scratching board is easy to install, requiring only simple screw splicing, making it strong and durable. Both sides of the panel can be used, and even after wear and tear, they can be flipped over and used again, greatly increasing the usage rate.

No chemical-based cat scratching posts
Choosing chemical-free cat scratching posts ensures your cat’s health. Cats sometimes chew on scratching posts. If the scratching posts contain chemicals, these harmful substances may be ingested by cats and cause adverse effects on their health. Therefore, it is very important to choose chemical-free cat scratching posts.

13Corner type
Corner cat scratching posts are an effective solution to the problem of damage to furniture and walls caused by cats’ claws. This kind of cat scratching board is designed to fit tightly into the corner, which can not only meet the scratching needs of cats, but also effectively protect furniture and walls. Common corner cat scratching boards include shark boards, concave boards, wall boards, etc., as well as tunnel style ones. In terms of material, most individual cat scratching posts are made of corrugated paper, and their quality depends on their density and whether they are environmentally friendly. In terms of price, it is moderate. But before purchasing, you need to carefully measure the space in your home to ensure that the cat scratching post can be placed appropriately.

Pilot cat scratching post
Pilot Cat Scratching Board is a cat toy suitable for home use, especially suitable for those situations where the sofa at home is scratched by cats. This cat scratching post is designed in a triangular shape and does not need to be placed against the wall, so it is very convenient to place. While cats may not be too keen on using it at first, they seem to enjoy playing with the little bell ball inside. This design not only meets the cat’s scratching needs, but also increases entertainment, making the cat more willing to use it. Overall, the Pilot Cat Scratching Post is a practical and fun cat toy that is suitable for a variety of environments and cat tastes.

Oval lemon cat scratching post
The Oval Lemon Cat Scratching Post is a premium option, especially suitable for cats. This design not only provides a comfortable resting environment for cats, but also helps protect their fur. Its round design makes it easier for cats to grasp, thus helping to cultivate good living habits. Overall, the oval lemon cat scratching post is an excellent option that combines functionality and beauty.

NetEase Selected Tunnel Cat Scratching Board
NetEase’s carefully selected tunnel-shaped cat scratching post is an ideal toy for cats. Cats naturally like to drill holes. The design of this cat scratching post just satisfies their nature and makes cats feel very happy when playing.

Composite scratching posts are suitable for cats who like to sharpen their claws both horizontally and vertically, or for families with multiple cats. This kind of cat scratching board is usually designed with multiple directions to meet the cat’s claw grinding needs in different directions. Since cats in a multi-cat household may have different activities and habits, composite scratching posts can better meet these different needs. At the same time, this design can also effectively reduce damage to furniture and other items, making it a very practical choice.

Tian Tian Cat TTMZB-002 Imperial Cat Scratching Board
Tian Tian Cat TTMZB-002 Royal Cat Scratching Board is a high-quality cat scratching board, especially suitable for cats to grind their claws and rest. This product is made of environmentally friendly high-quality paper to ensure safe use. The panel adopts high-density B-pit corrugated paper texture with moderate hardness. It is not only scratch-resistant and durable, but also effectively reduces the risk of injury when cats grind their claws. In terms of design, it is like a chaise longue, which can be used as a place for grinding and resting, and its shape is both dignified and comfortable. It can be used on both sides, greatly improving the usage rate, and it can also be used as a cat toy.

Plush pie lollipop cat scratching post
The Plush Pie Lollipop Cat Scratching Board is a product that is beautiful, practical and cat-friendly. This cat scratching board is made of natural sisal material, which is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and does not shed flakes, ensuring that cats will not make noise when playing, allowing owners to have a quiet rest. The base of the lollipop is designed to be stable, ensuring that the cat will not fall over easily when playing. It has a moderate height, making it convenient for cats to scratch without taking up too much space in your home. Overall, this cat scratching post is a great option that combines beauty, functionality, and cat-friendliness.

20concave plate
Concave boards are a common type of cat scratching post. This kind of board is characterized by a groove design on the surface, which can effectively attract the cat’s claws and meet its claw sharpening needs. The material of the concave board is usually corrugated paper, and its quality depends on the density of the paper and whether it is environmentally friendly. Therefore, when choosing a concave board, in addition to considering whether its design is attractive to cats, you should also pay attention to the density and environmental protection of its material to ensure that cats are safe and comfortable when using it. In terms of price, it should be moderate and there is no need to pursue high prices.


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