What to do if the cat can’t scratch the cat


It is their nature for cats to scratch things. This is not to sharpen their claws, but to get rid of the outer layer of worn claws to expose the sharp claws that have grown inside.
And cats like to grab things in a fixed place, mainly to leave the smell of the glands on the paws to let other cats know that this is its territory.
To raise cats, you must accept their "problems" of scratching!
Due to the immobility of cats, it is very important to let the cat learn to grasp the place you want it to grasp. For example, the cat scratch board should be grasped, not your sofa!
If your cat is already scratching the sofa or other furniture, first you need to wrap the furniture in plastic, and when you touch it with citrus perfume or juice, the cat doesn’t like the touch and smell, so it will start to think about finding another place to grab it Now, now is your chance!

Pay attention to the following points when using cat scratch boards:
1. You can prepare several styles for it, and there is always something it likes. The better one is cork and hemp rope, but the scratch board made of corrugated paper is the first choice, which is affordable and has the highest cat acceptance.
2. It is best to put it on the ground instead of leaning against the wall or standing upright. It needs to be stable and not easy to move, so the cat will consider grabbing it.
3. Put it in the area where it sleeps or rests, so that it can be easily scratched when passing by. It is recommended not to put it near the food bowl, because corrugated paper is a consumable, that is, it will drop slag!
4. The size of the scratching board should be such that the cat can stand on it after curling up (about 15 to 20 cm in width and 30 to 40 cm in length), so that it is not easy to move when grasping, and the body posture is more comfortable. The most acceptable It is a rectangular version.
5. Get the cat used to clipping nails, otherwise, the cat scratching board will wear out surprisingly fast.
6. When the cat starts to use it frequently, the cat scratching board can only be moved to the place you want until it is used regularly.
Also, be careful: the heavy plastic covering the scratched furniture cannot be removed until the cat is fully scratched on the scratching post you prepared. Otherwise, it may repeat the same mistakes at any time, the sofa must feel the best.

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Post time: Jun-02-2023