What type of scratching post is suitable for cats

Cats will also scratch things out of boredom. Just like humans have diverse lives, cats also need to enrich their lives and relieve stress in some ways. If the owner does not provide the cat with something to scratch, the sheets, sofas, etc. at home will become useless. It will become a place for claw training, and the house may be a mess, so it is necessary to prepare scratching posts for cats.

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Taking into account the different needs of cats, a variety of cat scratching posts are available on the market, flat or vertical, round or square, columnar or tree-shaped, wooden or sisal, etc.

With so many types, how should we choose the one that is more suitable for kittens?

Common types of cat scratching posts:

01_Corrugated paper

Corrugated cardboard is often the first choice for first-time cat owners. The cardboard material is simple to install, economical, practical, inexpensive, and easy to replace. It takes up little space and is very convenient to use. Despite its simple shape, it is very attractive to some cats.

Some cats don’t pay attention to it at first. You can try using catnip or other toys to attract the cat smell. The disadvantages are that it easily generates paper dust, requires frequent cleaning, the material is easily damaged, and the use time is not long.

Cat scratching posts made of sisal are also very common. Usually made of natural sisal white and brown rope, this material is very comfortable for cats and can bring greater satisfaction to cats. Since plants with a smell similar to cat grass are added during the processing, cats are often attracted to it, so there is no need for additional guidance. Compared with corrugated cat scratching posts, sisal cat scratching posts have a longer service life. Corrugated paper scraps will be everywhere in the same use time, but sisal cat scratching boards will become frizzy at most, so they are more durable.


It is also made of natural hemp, but it is more resistant to scratching than sisal material. It is also widely used. The common ones are flat cat scratching boards, which are simple in structure and can be placed directly on the ground for cats to scratch; There are also pillar-shaped pillars, usually wooden pillars wrapped with a layer of sisal or fabric, which are convenient for cats to scratch. There are also pillars made of cardboard, which are relatively low-priced.

The material of the cat scratching board is one thing, the experience and safety are also very important. If we think about it from the cat’s perspective, we may know what kind of cat scratching board to choose is better~

01. Stable enough

Flat corrugated box cat scratching boards may be cheaper, but they usually do not have better stability and are inconvenient for cats to scratch. When choosing, you can choose scratching boards with fixed objects, or fix them on One place to maintain stability, which makes it more comfortable for cats~

02. Have a certain height

Cats will stretch their bodies upward and then pull back when scratching, so upright scratching posts are more in line with cats’ nature, allowing cats to stand and stretch while scratching.

Of course, no matter what shape or material the cat scratching post is, it is all designed to allow the cat to scratch more comfortably. Every kitten also has its own favorite way. These require constant experimentation to find its favorite. That cat scratching post.

Post time: Jun-10-2024