Why do cats always like to climb into their owners’ beds?

People who often keep cats will definitely find that when they climb into their own beds and get into bed at night, they will always encounter another object, and that is their own cat owner. It always climbs into your bed, sleeps next to you, and chases it away. It is not happy and insists on coming closer. Why is this? Why do cats always like to climb on their owners’ beds? There are 5 reasons. After reading it, everyone will understand what the cat did.

The first reason: I happen to be here
If the pet owner only sees the cat in his bed occasionally, it doesn’t mean much. Because it is possible that the cat happened to come here, happened to be tired, and happened to choose to rest here. Although cats love to play very much, they also love others very much. They spend two-thirds of their day resting. When they want to sleep, they will find a place to sleep, and the reason why the pet owner found it on the bed is just that it happened to come to the pet owner’s bed to play, and when it was tired from playing, it just fell asleep here.

The second reason: Curiosity. Cats are animals that are full of curiosity about external things. They seem to be curious about everything. Some cats are very curious about their owners. They will secretly observe their owners’ emotions and other behaviors in corners. When the owner is eating, it is observing. When the owner goes to the toilet, it is still observing. Even when the owner goes to bed, it will run over to see how the owner is sleeping. By the way, some cats climb onto the bed to observe their owners because they think their owners are dead because they have no movement. In order to confirm whether their owners are dead, they will climb up on their owners’ beds and observe their owners up close.

The third reason: the owner’s bed is comfortable. Although the cat is just a cat, it also enjoys it very much. It can feel where it is more comfortable. If it has never been on the bed of its pet owner, it will lie down in its own cardboard box, or simply go to the balcony and other places to rest wherever it wants. But once it has been on the owner’s bed once and felt the comfort of the owner’s bed, it will never rest anywhere else again!

The fourth reason: lack of security. Although cats look so cool on the surface, in fact, they are very insecure animals. The slightest disturbance will make them feel scared. Especially when they go to bed at night, they will try their best to find a safe place for them to rest. For them, the pet owner’s bed is very safe, which can make up for their inner sense of security, so they will keep climbing into the pet owner’s bed!

The fifth reason: Like the owner
Although not the vast majority, there are some cats who, like ‘loyal dogs’, particularly like their owners and like to stick to them. No matter where the owner goes, they will follow behind the owner, like the owner’s little tail. Even if the pet owner runs to his room and goes to bed, they will follow him. If the pet owner rejects them, they will be sad and sad. Cats such as orange cats, civet cats, shorthair cats, etc. are all such cats. They really like their owners!

Now do you know why cats go to bed? No matter what, as long as cats are willing to go to their owners’ beds, it means that this place makes them feel safe. This is a sign of their trust in their owners, and their owners should be happy!

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Post time: Oct-12-2023