Why does a cat bite more and more the more I hit it? It may be these three reasons

Cats have a very stubborn temper, which is reflected in many aspects. For example, when it bites you, the more you hit it, the harder it bites. So why does a cat bite more and more the more you hit it? Why is it that when a cat bites someone and hits him, he bites harder and harder? Next, let’s take a look at the reasons why a cat bites people more and more the more they hit him.

pet cat

1. Thinking that the owner is playing with it

If a cat bites a person and then runs away, or grabs the person’s hand and bites and kicks it, it may be that the cat thinks the owner is playing with it, especially when the cat is playing crazy. Many cats develop this habit when they were young because they left their mother cats prematurely and have not experienced socialization training. This requires the owner to slowly help the cat correct this behavior and use toys to consume the cat’s excessive energy.

2. Treat the owner as its prey

Cats are predators, and it is their nature to chase prey. The prey’s resistance excites the cat, so this animal instinct will be stimulated after the cat bites. If hitting it again at this time will irritate the cat, it will bite even more. Therefore, when a cat bites, it is not recommended that the owner beats or scolds the cat. This will alienate the cat from the owner. At this time, the owner should not move around, and the cat will loosen its mouth. After loosening its mouth, the cat should be rewarded so that it can develop the habit of not biting. Rewarding responses.

3. In the teeth grinding stage

Generally, a cat’s teething period is around 7-8 months old. Because the teeth are particularly itchy and uncomfortable, the cat will bite people to relieve the tooth discomfort. At the same time, the cat will suddenly become very fond of chewing, biting objects, etc. It is recommended that owners pay attention to observation. If they find signs of teeth grinding in their cats, they can prepare teething sticks or teething toys for the cats to relieve the discomfort of the cats’ teeth.

Post time: Jan-03-2024