Why does a cat meow and purr at the same time?

Cats’ meows are also a kind of language. They can express emotions through their meows and convey different messages to us. Sometimes, cats will meow and purr at the same time. What does this mean?

pet cat

1. Hungry

Sometimes, when cats feel hungry, they will sing in a higher pitch and purr at the same time to express their desire for food.

2. Desire for attention

When cats feel neglected, they may meow and purr to express their desire for attention.

3. dissatisfaction

Sometimes, when cats feel dissatisfied, they will purr and purr to express their dissatisfaction to their owners.

4. Tired

When cats feel tired, they will also purr while meowing. This is to express that they are tired and need some time to relax.

5. Sense of security

When cats feel safe, they will also purr and meow to express their relaxed and peaceful mood.

All in all, cats purring while meowing may express their hunger, desire for attention, dissatisfaction, exhaustion or security. We can judge what cats want to express by observing their behavior and take better care of them. .


Post time: Jan-27-2024