Why won’t your cat sleep with you?

Generally, cats and their owners sleeping together can be regarded as a sign of closeness between the two parties. However, have you ever noticed that although a cat sometimes sleeps with you, it does move away from you when you want to hold the cat to sleep? Why exactly is this? Let me explain it to you~

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When the weather is hot, the British shorthair will not want to be held by others, because the thick hair of the British shorthair will make it feel uncomfortable when the owner holds it. They prefer to stay in a cool place and lie down to rest.

It may be that the British shorthair is not allowed to be held because he has just started to raise it, and he is still too wary of his owner. If it is a new cat, it is recommended to feed it well first and establish a bond with it. When the British Shorthair gradually becomes familiar with and relies on its owner, it will be happy to be held.

If the British Shorthair is unwell or sick, and the owner may cause pain when touching or holding it, the British Shorthair will naturally not be allowed to be held at this time. Pay attention to whether the British shorthair has other symptoms, and if so, take it to the doctor for examination in time.

Post time: Nov-17-2023