I have been fine with my cat for a long time, but suddenly developed an allergy. What is the reason?

Why do I suddenly develop cat allergies if I keep cats all my life? Why am I allergic to a cat after I first got it? If you have a cat at home, has this happened to you? Have you ever had a cat allergy problem suddenly? Let me tell you the detailed reasons below.

1. When allergic symptoms occur, a rash usually occurs, accompanied by itching. Some people are born allergic to certain chemicals and have never been exposed to them before, or they did not have allergic problems when they first came into contact with them. However, due to changes in their body’s immune system, subsequent exposure will cause allergic reactions in the skin.

2. It is related to the individual’s own physical fitness. There are also many people who are prone to adverse reactions to the hair of pets at home. Because of this reason, I have never been allergic to pets before. Because the immune status of one’s own body is constantly changing, the human body’s allergic reaction will be different. When the sensitized body is exposed to the same antigen again, it will react immediately, and some may be slow, lasting for several days or even longer. The body hair and white flakes of pets at home can cause skin allergies.

3. Aspergillus aflatoxin and worms in your own hair are also allergens. If your pet cat’s hair is not treated in time, problems such as itching will occur. It is recommended that scavengers clean, disinfect, sterilize and deworm in time to reduce the chance of skin allergies.

4. another point is that if you suddenly become allergic after raising the cat for a period of time, it may not be because of the cat, but other reasons. Therefore, my advice to everyone is: the three major processes of environmental sanitation, disinfection and sterilization, and natural ventilation cannot be omitted, because these three aspects can only be achieved at home. There may be mites and dust in the natural environment, which are very harmful. Can easily cause skin allergies. What’s more, cats like to punch holes in all kinds of gaps. If they are not cleaned, they will carry allergens on their bodies and then come into contact with the body of the cat. Therefore, the environmental sanitation at home must be done well, and cats must be bathed frequently. Keep it clean.

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Post time: Oct-14-2023