Breathing condition turns out to be so important! How many breaths per minute is normal for a cat?

Many people like to raise cats. Compared with dogs, cats are quieter, less destructive, less active, and do not need to be taken out for activities every day. Although the cat does not go out for activities, the health of the cat is very important. We can judge the physical health of the cat by paying attention to the breathing of the cat. Do you know how many times a cat breathes normally for a minute? Let’s find out together below.

The normal number of breaths of a cat is 15 to 32 times per minute. The number of breaths of kittens is generally slightly more than that of adult cats, usually around 20 to 40 times. When a cat is exercising or excited, the number of respirations may increase physiologically, and the number of respirations of pregnant cats may also increase physiologically. If the cat’s breathing rate speeds up or slows down significantly under the same conditions, it is recommended to take it to a pet hospital for diagnosis to check whether the cat is infected with the disease.

If it is abnormal when the cat is resting, the normal breathing rate of a cat is 38 to 42 times per minute. If the cat has an accelerated breathing rate or even opens its mouth to breathe while resting, it indicates that the cat may have lung disease. Or heart disease; pay attention to observe whether the cat has difficulty breathing, falling from a height, coughing, sneezing, etc. You can take X-rays and B-ultrasounds of the cat to check for abnormalities in the heart and lungs, such as pneumonia, Pulmonary edema, chest hemorrhage, heart disease, etc.

If you want to know whether the number of times a cat breathes per minute is normal, you need to learn how to measure the cat’s breathing. You can choose to measure the cat’s breathing when it is sleeping or quiet. It is best to let the cat sleep on its side and try to prevent the cat from breathing. Move and stroke the cat’s belly. The cat’s belly is up and down. Even if it takes one breath, you can first measure the number of times the cat breathes in 15 seconds. You can measure the number of times the cat breathes in 15 seconds several more times, and then multiply by 4 to get one minute. It is more accurate to take an average number of times the cat breathes.

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Post time: Oct-18-2023